Parts & Accessories

Our stock holding is enormous, with a range of VDC Exclusive, Genuine Ford and other premium brand product lines. As well as supplying most Australian F-Series dealers, smash repairers, mechanical shops and other parts outlets, we welcome retail customers to browse or enquire.

Trading Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm AEST

Our People

We have one of the most experienced parts team in Australia, they all have been given the best training and are highly motivated to interpret and fulfill your Ford F-Series parts requirements.  We are able to source  parts quickly in most cases if not carried in stock. Through experience and knowledge our parts team can source you the right part first time.

Stringent quality standards.

VDC Exclusive & Ford takes pride in producing high quality replacement parts. All VDC Exclusive & Genuine Ford Parts are engineered and tested to ensure that they not only meet Australian Design Standards but also in many cases exceed them. With VDC Exclusive & Genuine Ford Parts you can be assured of the highest standards of quality, fit and finish.

Genuine Ford Parts and your vehicle’s resale value.

Discerning buyers of second-hand vehicles give preference to those vehicles that are serviced regularly using VDC Exclusive & Genuine Ford Parts. If a vehicle has been repaired using VDC Exclusive &  Genuine Ford Parts after an accident, it may assist in maintaining the vehicle’s resale value. VDC Exclusive &  Genuine Ford Parts are also designed specifically for your Ford F-Series vehicle to ensure a perfect fit and superior performance.

Why should I customise my vehicle with Genuine Ford Accessories?

Genuine VDC Exclusive & Ford Accessories not only look good – they’re also the only accessories specifically designed for Ford F-Series vehicles and to Australian Standards. No other accessories have this level of outstanding quality and precision engineering for your Ford F-Series.