How can I buy one of your vehicles?

Purchasing our vehicles is easy. All you need to do is contact our agent and talk with them regarding your requirements. Their staff are highly trained on our vehicles and will make sure that you get a vehicle that has been correctly developed for its intended application.

Will you do a conversion on a personal import?

Yes, we also do conversions on personal imports (conditions apply).Please talk with us prior to purchasing/organizing your vehicle overseas so we can ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Are your conversions compliant with DOTARS?

Yes, all our conversions are certified prior to the issue of a compliance plate.

Can my vehicle be registered to drive on Australian roads?

Yes, all our vehicles are ADR (Australian Design Rule) compliance prior to delivery. You will still need to check with your local RTA department to see what is required for registration in your state. This will ensure a smooth registration process once you take delivery of your new vehicle.

Is the conversion recognized in Australia?

Yes, it is approved by DOTARS (Department of Transport and Regional Services).

How long will it take to convert my vehicle?

The actual conversion process doesn’t begin until the vehicle arrives with us. Once it has arrived it takes less than 6 weeks under normal circumstances.

Do you have vehicles already converted, available to drive away?

Whilst we convert the vehicles we don’t actually sell the vehicles. Please talk with our agent – they generally factory order to suit your specifications, but do however hold some stock vehicles.

How long will it take if I factory order a vehicle?

Once we have received an order from our agent it is usually a 4 month turnaround.

Can I view my vehicle while it is being converted?

We welcome our clients to view their vehicles as part of our ongoing relationship between us and the client. This must be done by appointment as we do not allow the general public to wander through the factory due to our strict safety protocol.